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Przerobiła przyczepę na CUDOWNY domek! Zdjęcia z wnętrza zachwycają! (FOTO)

30-letnia amerykanka Lissette Arroyo spełniła swoje nietypowe marzenie. Stewardessa chciała zamieszkać w małym domku na kółkach, żeby móc łatwiej się przemieszczać oraz zmniejszyć koszty utrzymania mieszkania. Wreszcie się udało i kobieta przeprowadziła się do 14 metrowego domku. Choć nie ma tam zbyt wiele miejsca jest bardzo zadowolona.    


Przeprowadzka 30-latki wiązała się z wyrzuceniem licznej części rzeczy oraz garderoby. – Obecnie mam tylko te ubrania, które naprawdę lubię – powiedziała w rozmowie z cosmopolitan.com. Stewardesa ma w swojej szafie dziesięć par butów, dziesięć bluzek, dziewięć sukienek, cztery pary spodni oraz trzy kurtki. 



This time last year I was awaiting for my tiny house to get to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect when it was fully done. I had no idea what the tiny lifestyle would be like. Prior to the show I had never stepped in a tiny house. I feel like I have just caught my breath from getting adjusted to my house. If I knew that I would be embarking upon my new adventure converting a school bus into a tiny home…I would have probably stomped my feet and thrown a tantrum asking, but why!? I so desired to have this be my forever. Now. I realize time truly passes by. The one thing that is constant is change. I’m so happy I made the decision to go even tinier. I will get to travel more than what I do now. You have no idea how unbelievably excited I am to make this happen with my new found friends in the tiny house community. The truth is this journey has led me to connect with humans with like minded interests. Humans that have this hunger for exploring. Humans that take care of each other. I am so happy I found them. I learned so much from my time in my tiny home. I want to continue sharing tips from tiny house living. I am excited to share my journey in converting my school bus into a home. This entire experience has made me learn: Embrace those around you. Be present. Enjoy those moments. Laugh at it all. Nothing is forever. 💗

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Lets have some kitchen talk. Alright tiny houses are limited on space. Duh. Stating the obvious so let me help with some suggestions of figuring out a decent way to utilize kitchen space. I’ve lived in small apartments spaces, including my car, so for me adjusting or utilizing space is something I’m used to. I do suggest you plan for a kitchen you actually use and not for looks. So getting cabinets to store items you use everyday and not just „in case”. Keeping that in mind of using things that you need especially in the kitchen. Think thoroughly of how you will use your kitchen. Think of: ·Do you host often?(define often) ·What is your diet like? (Vegan: counter space for all fruits & veggies) ·Do you really need a huge fridge? (Answer question from above) ·How often do you cook? (Really be honest of how you eat…see above) ·Are you a snacker? Dry food storage? (Again it is about your lifestyle) Answering these questions should help guide the type of kitchen catered to your everyday needs. Just because you see all these spacious kitchens doesnt necessarily mean it will work for you and vice versa. At the end of it figuring out what your wants and needs are very important in designing a tiny house. Wanting to host is much different than needing to. Your lifestyle of the way you eat is such a huge factor of your kitchen design. As you can see I had a microwave and that changed when I decided to change my eating habits. That can happen too! Keeping that in mind and whether you will be ok with unused space or changing to adjust to needing more space. That’s the great thing about tiny houses. Being creative with the space you have. This is truly a lifestyle not just a place for temporary living. Believe me once you rid yourself of things you don’t ever use you realize how little things you really need and what you really use. It’s an amazing thing. Hope this helps you tiny home lovers aspiring to go tiny. ❤

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14 metrowy domek składa się z 3 sypialni, salon, łazienki i kuchni. Mieszkanie zostało zrobione w przyczepie dzięki czemu Lissette może szybko i często zmieniać miejsce zamieszkania. 


I can’t figure out a good sentence to summarize this pose…I hope someone comments below with some good ones. · Here we see the subject holding on to dear life while doing the duck kissy face and hoping to not fall. If you look in the feed and find the posed pictures you have now seen the before. 😄 · I have to state some days are definitely better than others especially those days without clumsiness occurring…. I kid you not, I spill, walk into things, make unnecessary messes, walk out with an extra pair of underwear sticking out my pant leg(long story), break things and lastly fall. Someone once told me I should dance everywhere since I am coordinated on the dance floor yet in real life is questionable. · So start the weekend off without falling and if you do I hope you fall: · In the right place at the right time · Into the moment · Deeply and madly in love. · ❤

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